[Analysis Report] Artificial intelligence using generative models, Generative AI

"Generative AI" Data Collection Data collection was conducted as follows.   Keywords: Generative AI, GenAI, Generative Artificial Intelligence Collection Duration: January 1, 2022 ~ April 30, 2024. Collection Channel: Google(facebook, news, web), youtube, yahoo Generative artificial intelligence(generative AI, GenAI, or GAI) is artificial intelligence capable of generating text, images, videos, or other data using generative models, often in response to prompts. Generative AI models learn the patterns and structure of their input training data and then generate new data that has similar characteristics. ( This technology is applied in various fields such as art creation, content generation, data augmentation, and simulation. Generative AI is particularly notable for automating creative tasks and enhancing human creativity. It is also used in developing realistic simulations, improving design processes, and gener

[Tips for using TEXTOM] Using  ‘User Dictionary’

  How to usw TEXTOM? Tips for using TEXTOM, 'User Dictionary' If you have ever used TEXTOM for the purpose of writing a paper, you may have had one inconvenience. It depends on how much  TEXTOM  is used in the paper , but many users who use it for research purposes often divide the period with one keyword and collect it multiple times. In this case, you have to refine it several times, but you may have to repeat the words you refined over and over again. ‘User Dictionary' is a feature that eliminates this repetitive refining process and helps you make purification faster and easier. This is a feature that even those who have used  TEXTOM  a lot can miss.  TEXTOM  will tell you step by step.