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How to usw TEXTOM?
Tips for using TEXTOM, 'User Dictionary'

If you have ever used TEXTOM for the purpose of writing a paper, you may have had one inconvenience. It depends on how much TEXTOM is used in the paper , but many users who use it for research purposes often divide the period with one keyword and collect it multiple times. In this case, you have to refine it several times, but you may have to repeat the words you refined over and over again. ‘User Dictionary' is a feature that eliminates this repetitive refining process and helps you make purification faster and easier. This is a feature that even those who have used TEXTOM a lot can miss. TEXTOM will tell you step by step.

#1 My Page - Go to the User Dictionary page.

On this page, you can add words by entering the refining keyword in the 'Word to change - Edit word' box at the top. For example, we cut three months worth of data on a weekly basis with "XEXYMIX" and collected it. There are about 2 words that need to be refined from the list. Registered the words in My Page - User Dictionary Registration. The registered word has activated the ‘Usage Status' section in order to use it.

#2 Apply ‘User Dictionary’ on the Data Preprocessing page

Before text mining, you can use the user dictionary to clean the data first. On the Data Preprocessing page, click use the 'User Dictionary’.

You can click 'User Dictionary' to register the 'Word to Change – Edit Word' in the same way as above.  You can register words for each group, and you can set Usage Status each time.

Finally, select the user dictionary group you want to use in 'Specify a Group' and click Preprocess Data. Now you can change the words you refined from the first collection data at once, without having to repeat them.

#3 Applying User Dictionary on Data Analysis Edit Page

If you are unable to apply the user dictionary in refining/stemming, you can apply it on the Data Analysis page ’Keyword Cleansing List - Edit'.

'User Dictionary' on the right and click the Apply button, you can edit the data immediately.

 ’User Dictionary’! Are you familiar with how to use it? Apply the user dictionary and start using it right now.


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