[Monthly Hot Topic] 2024 KBO, Who is the most popular player?

2024 KBO, Who is the most popular player?
  • Keywords: "KBO"
  • Collection Duration: 2024.03.01 ~ 2024.05.22
  • Collection Channel: Naver(blog, news, cafe, knowledge in, web document) / Daum(blog, news, cafe, web document) / Google(facebook, news, web document)

Sports enjoyed by people of all ages, baseball!
Which star player from each team attracts the most fans amid the All-Star vote? Let's explore this with big data analysis.

The undisputed No. 1 item that captivates KBO consumers is the "uniform." Close behind, in terms of frequently mentioned keywords, are first pitches, YouTube, seats, and merchandise (MD). Unique seating options, such as barbecue seats where fans can grill meat while watching the game, have also attracted significant attention.

Various touchpoints are being developed to connect players and fans both online and offline, such as signing events and YouTube-exclusive content. Collaboration with popular characters for merchandise is also noticeable.

The highlight of a 'uniform' that fans pay the most attention to is marking it with a player's name. A bubble chart visualization of extracted player keywords reveals that Ryu Hyun-jin, who returned to Hanwha from Major League Baseball, has the highest word frequency. Following him are Kim Do-young (KIA), Kim Kwang-hyun (KIA), Yang Hyun-jong (KIA), and Kang Min-ho (Samsung). The top player keywords indicate that the preferred position is 'pitcher' and the favored team is 'KIA Tigers'.


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