[Monthly Hot Topic] Who is the most talked-about 4th generation K-pop idol?

Who is the most talked-about 4th generation K-pop idol?

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  • Collection Duration: 2022.01.01 ~ 2024.06.13
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K-Pop has developed over a long time and is now a cultural phenomenon. Among them, idols who have been active since 2020 are referred to as 4th generation idols.

These 4th generation idols are receiving a lot of public attention for their various performances and concepts. Let's take a closer look through big data analysis.

Overall, it can be observed that 4th generation idols are dominated by 'girl groups'. In particular, NewJeans, IVE, aespa, and LESSERAFIM captivate both fans and the public with their unique songs and performances.

Idols boasting a strong fandom can be noted among 'boy groups'. Groups like Stray Kids, NCT, ENHYPEN, and RIZE not only captivate domestic audiences but also attract international fans, showcasing their activities on a global stage.

As a result of the analysis, the member with the most mentions was Karina from aespa. In addition to group activities, she was selected as an advertising model for well-known products such as drinks and alcohol. Following Karina, Jang Won-young, Ahn Yu-jin, Kazuha, and Rei showed the highest amount of data.

The reason why people pay a lot of attention to idols is because of their performances. This is because they can experience music and skills all at once in a short time.

We look forward to the continued success of K-pop idols as they venture into the global market.


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