[Notice] TEXTOM's New SNS Platform is Open!

TEXTOM's New SNS Platform is Open!

TEXTOM Global Instagram and Threads have been released. For more fun and fast information, follow Textom Global on Instagram and Threads

TEXTOM Global Instagram was created to communicate with many users. It produces global trend information into easy-to-read card news content. It analyzes big data on topics that people are interested in worldwide, providing accurate and attractive results.

TEXTOM Global Instagram will introduce this week's most popular topics twice a week, giving you the fastest updates on the latest issues. Please look forward to it, as we create and upload content based on the latest trend news!

TEXTOM global has also opened a channel on Threads, Meta's new social media platform. Threads will operate in a different atmosphere than Instagram. Lightweight, interactive content will be uploaded to suit the platform's unique characteristics.

Threads are a text-based SNS platform that has only been released for a year, so they may still be new to many people. With Instagram, threads are easily integrated and easy to follow. Follow us now to get fun and exciting information from Textom!

TEXTOM is actively opening channels to better communicate with you! With Textom, a big data analysis platform, receive accurate and fast information. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us!


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